Art Resource Center


Established in 2016, IBIC Art Resource Center works with international outstanding designers and artists,

cooperates with top Chinese fashion companies by in-depth cooperation of art printing as the core and improve brand power.

IBIC Art Center takes the original design as the entrance, focusing on creating high recognition product design services for brands, deriving high added value.

IBIC Art Center revitalizes the brand strength, rebuilds the brand image from multiple dimensions, from product design and promotion to brand visual remodeling…



Highly Recognizable Product

IBIC signs designers with outstanding professional backgrounds. Many of them have cooperated deeply with high-quality domestic customers, which has brought product innovation and market opportunities for the brand. Through design inspiration, printing planning, application guidance, these enterprises have created opportunities to integrate international fashion vision.

Big Fashion Labels & Art

Art and fashion have long been intertwined; today, the tradition carries on, stronger than ever.

As influential pioneer artists, their works span many fields such as visual design, fashion, contemporary art, and music multimedia. Many impressive and popular products have been created in the artistic cooperation between artists and brands with high topic effect. Artists inject creative elements into the brand, promotes brand image and connotative culture, enriches brand spirituality, and gives brand new vitality.