Expanding Chinese territory for international designer brands Sharing the success of the Chinese market

Always believing in design, IBIC has successfully launched over 200 cases during the past seven years. 
With professional analysis of Chinese apparel market and re-interpretation of international designer brands, IBIC has established unique business modes for brands to enter the Chinese market by taking full advantages from three parties to maximize commercial successfulness. 

IBIC International Designer Brand Investment Model

For Designer Brands operating on a certain scale.  Launch China JV with conditional perpetual licensing
Cooperate with Chinese companies for equity holding worldwide of designer brands.
Establish Brand’s exclusive line for Chinese market.

Commit to integrating full -service chain for international designer brands’ investment and operation in China

IBIC helps international designer brands to partner with the right Chinese apparel company among our top strategic clients and provides professional services throughout the investment to achieve maximum successfulness in the Chinese market. 
International Designer Brand Promotion Obstacles in China
A. Heavily funded promotions, designer brands operated by world’s leading luxury goods group
B. China currently does not have professional international designer brand PR agencies
C. Designers have trouble directly connecting with Chinese celebrities
D. Media promotion and filming cannot result in a rapid response
E. Shielding that results in lack of overseas information
Due to a certain degree of information shielding in China, the spread of overseas social media promotion in China has been hampered, resulting in some extent of misinformation and loss of promotion.
The IBIC Press Showroom is a four story space with an area of  3,000 square meters.
 By integrating Chinese fashion media, trend stars, film and television dramas and other resources, IBIC has built the largest Press Showroom in China. 
Through continuous media exposure, we are able to enhance the visibility of international designer brands in China as well as attract corporate collaboration partners.
Through use of the Chinese market, international designer brands are able to expand the global market of their business. 
The establishment of IBIC's Showroom is able to help brands connect to popular celebrities in China.  
By developing  a close relationship between designer and celebrity, celebrity fashion styling levels can be enhanced as well. 
Creating an alternative solution to the singular promotion approach of international designers in China.