KOCHÉ x MO&Co. IBIC International Fashion IP Project

发布日期:2019-09-17 16:38
KOCHÉ x MO&Co. IBIC International Fashion IP Project
On August 20th, MO&Co. held a breathtaking grand show at the China Shipbuilding Corporation Museum (CSSC) in Shanghai for celebrating their 15th anniversary of the brand.
IBIC led MO&Co. to go hand in hand with one of Karl Lagerfeld's favorite designer- Christelle Kocher to launch their first crossover collection- "KOCHÉ x MO&Co." on the 15th anniversary of the brand's establishment.
Stars light up the night of MO&Co.
#Freja Beha Erichsen
During this grand celebration, MO&Co. invited the international supermodel- Freja Beha Erichsen, Jazzelle Zanaughtti, and the British new generation supermodel- Hannah Motler, who have their strong influence in the Z generation, to join the social media of promotion.
From left to right: Nana YangGuli NazhaChris LiMini YangYutong Zhou
Chris Li, Mini Yang, Guli Nazha, Nana Yang and other domestic celeberties all attended the show in the coolest and most fun “MO-STYLE” to express their true personalities.
The brand also invited Willow Smith, the 19-year-old American singer and famous actor- Will Smith’s daughter, to be a guest performer after the show, to witness this moment.
The founder of KOCHÉ- Christelle Kocher and the founder of IBIC- Raysun Shi
From left to right: Raysun Shi (founder of IBIC);  Zhang Yu (chief editor of VOGUE magazine); Freja Beha Erichsen (International supermodel); Christelle Kocher (founder of KOCHÉ)
From left to right: Christelle Kocher (founder of KOCHÉ)
; Jenny Kim (Founder of MO&Co.); Chris Li; Raysun Shi (founder of IBIC)
The achievement of IBIC is more than crossover
MO&Co. is 15 years old. From the early innovation of brand image, the brand has established a stylish, modern, trend, partial neutral cool girl image among Chinese consumers, and now it has developed into one of the most successful brands of womenswear in China.
#MO&Co. The first collaboration since its establishment
IBIC accurately matched the style of MO&Co. and promoted the collaboration with Parisian designer brand- KOCHÉ to launch the brand's first crossover collection with international designer brand at their 15th anniversary.
As a representative of the combination of contemporary street style and haute couture, KOCHÉ brought not only sport culture and fashion culture to MO&Co., but also the possibilities of cooperation with Chinese and foreign design team, as well as domestic commercial brand and international independent designer brands.
Chinese fashion industry is now entering a process of brand upgrading and transformation. Local companies are facing how to transform a new look and attitude to embrace the market of the new era.
IBIC has planned a new international designer brand matrix for the Chinese fashion industry. It is not only a superficial gimmick, but a fundamental change within brand DNA. IBIC truly inject the energy into the development of Chinese brands.
Who is KOCHÉ?
IBIC beat NIKE to it, and introduce KOCHÉ to China
In May, NIKE called on Christelle Kocher and other top four female street fashion designers to participate in the creation of a new lifestyle collection on the occasion of the French Women's World Cup.
IBIC has been exploring the designer brand KOCHÉ before the sports master NIKE, and introduced it to the Chinese market. It combines one of the best clothing companies in China to open a new international fashion IP Cooperation mode.
Christelle Kocher, the artistic director of CHANEL's famous century-old haute couture atelier- Maison d’art Lemarié, KOCHÉ brand founder, 2019 ANDAM Prize winner, has twice nominee of the LVMH Prize list.
Karl Lagerfeld once praised Christelle Kocher:
Among the young generation of designers, I appreciate these excellent designers like Christelle Kocher, who are very knowledgeable in design work, intelligent, and have good reasons for their love to fashion.
Christelle Kocher put the spirit and texture of haute couture in street fashion.
"Elite is not my style, I want to mix and share. I want to stop the difference between 'high' and 'low'."
KOCHÉ is an originality that combines street culture with crafted sportswear.
As the only one International designer& designer brand investment corporation in the world, IBIC has its philosophy- “Design changes China”.
With the most innovative business model, IBIC has broaden a new way of cooperation between international excellent designer brands and Chinese companies.
IBIC helps international designer brands to be fully deployed and stably develop  in these unlimited Chinese market by its professional business vision to global market, fashion sensitivity, predicability, and strong sense of judgment.
Also, IBIC is helping Chinese companies to enhance their core competitiveness and brand value to rise from global fashion arena.
IBIC has been in the process of promoting the cooperations of the fashion companies in China and worldwide designers and artists for seven years.
It has accumulated nearly 100 successful cases of cooperation of designers and  domestic companies, and established the efficient business model that combines international fashion resource and Chinese fashion industry to  share  the prosperity of the Chinese market with Chinese excellent fashion companies and international designer brands.